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Our History

Until January 2011 the member countries of the Nordic Region were Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. On January 1st 2011 the Nordic Region and the Baltic Group joined into the Nordic-Baltic Region, with new member countries Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

The Nordic-Baltic Region is governed by the Articles of Incorporation, the Constitution, the By-Laws of the International Biometric Society and the By-Laws of the Nordic-Baltic region (updated in June 2015). 


Andreas Kryger Jensen, Associate Professor, University of Copenhagen President
Ulrich Halekoh, Associate Professor, University of Southern Denmark Treasurer
Jacob v. B. Hjelmborg, Professor, University of Southern Denmark Secretary
Andreas Kryger Jensen Regional Executive Council, Denmark
Krista Fischer Regional Executive Council, Estonia
Vacant Regional Executive Council, Iceland
Eva Petrošina Regional Executive Council, Latvia
Audrone Jakaitiene Regional Executive Council, Lithuania
Magne Thoresen Regional Executive Council, Norway
Dietrich von Rosen Regional Executive Council, Sweden
Esa Läärä Regional Executive Council, Finland

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