JSTOR Journal Storage

JSTOR Journal Storage

JSTOR is an archive of eJournals and eBooks spanning hundreds of years important for historical research. This growing digital library has more than 2,000 academic journals, thousands of eBooks and 2 million primary source objects.

JSTOR is a not-for-profit organization with a dual mission to create and maintain a trusted archive of important scholarly journals, and to provide access to these journals as widely as possible. JSTOR offers researchers the ability to retrieve high-resolution, scanned images of journal issues and pages as they were originally designed, printed, and illustrated. The journals archived in JSTOR span many disciplines.

IBS JSTOR Online Subscription Form

Current IBS members whose institutions do not have JSTOR access to Biometrics or JABES, must download and complete the IBS JSTOR Online Subscription Form.

JSTOR provides online access to back issues of Biometrics from 1947 to 2010 and JABES from 1996 to 2009. All other issues (1999-current for Biometrics and 2001-current for JABES) are available to IBS members without additional charge through the respective journal’s IBS member-only logins.

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If you are having issues accessing member-only content please contact the International Biometric Office (IBO).