Travel Award Application

Guidelines for Travel Awards in Non-IBC Years

During non-IBC years, the International Biometric Society Travel Awards Committee offers a program to assist IBS members from Lower- or Middle-Income Countries (LMIC) who seek to participate in conferences sponsored by IBS Regions or Networks. 

Guidelines for Travel Support

Award Amount:

Up to $3,000 USD for travel, lodging, and registration expenses to attend conferences sponsored by IBS Regions or Networks. 


  • Applicant must be an IBS member at the time of application and for at least 12 months prior to the date of application.
  • Applicant must be residing in a Lower-or-Middle Income Country (LMIC) at the time of the application. Lower- or Middle-Income Countries are defined by the World Bank as countries classified as low or middle-income countries. A list is on the World Bank website (see:
  • Previous Travel Fund award winners may apply if the award was not made in the previous four years. However, preference will be given to those who have not received a travel award in the past.

How to Apply

The deadline to apply has passed.

If you have any questions, please send a message to  

A Word about IBS and Region Financial Support

  • Much of the funding provided through this program will come directly from the International Biometric Society.
  • However, some Regions or Networks may decide to become involved in the funding of Lower Middle-Income country members to attend the IBC.
  • Applicants are encouraged to reach out to Regions and Networks regarding any level of support they may be able to provide. In their written response, Regions are encouraged to specify to applicants how many awards they might help to fund, what can be funded, and any other criteria for applicants. This communication not only allows the IBS and Regions to make the most of available funding. It also encourages individuals to establish ongoing connections with local Regions.


Review Criteria

All applications will be reviewed and evaluated using the following criteria:

  1. Length of IBS membership
  2. Participation in Society activities at group, regional, and/or international level
  3. Academic and professional activity
  4. Availability of other funding
  5. Professional reference