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Our History

The German Region of the International Biometric Society was founded in 1953 with a total of 25 members. After the German Wall was built in 1961 a separate Eastern German Region was founded. Thirty years later, the two German regions were reunited in 1990 and now form the second largest region in the International Biometric Society, with more than 900 members. The general objective of the society is to promote biometry in research, education and application. The region conducts scientific events and supports its scientific working groups and scientific publications to achieve this objective.

The Region is also a member of the Central European Network of the IBS. 

The Biometrical Journal (publisher: Wiley-VCH) publishes articles on the application of mathematical methods in the field of biosciences. It is edited in cooperation with the German and the Austro-Swiss Region of the International Biometric Society. Members of these regions get access to the electronic version and may order the print version at a reduced rate.


Anne-Laure Boulesteix President
Jan Beyersmann Vice President
Joachim Gerss Treasurer
Ronja Foraita Secretary
Heike Krubert Membership Office
Tim Friede Representative Council Chair
Andreas Faldum IBS Representative Council
Matthias Schmid IBS Representative Council
Meinhard Kieser IBS Representative Council
Reinhard Vonthein Biometric Bulletin Correspondent
Joachim Schmidt Webmaster
Deutsche Region der Internationalen Biometrischen Gesellschaft

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