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IBS accepts donations to the Travel Awards Fund and Educational Activities programs.

Travel Awards Fund

Donated funds will support activities in lower and middle-income countries, including the allocation of travel grants. These grants provide travel funding for members to attend either the International Biometric Conference during even-numbered years or IBS Region/Network conferences in odd-numbered years. Oversight for this fund is provided by the Awards Fund Committee. 

Educational Activities

This fund results in grant funding to IBS Regions to help defray the costs to bringing speakers to conferences held in those Regions. Other educational activities supported by this fund include the development of online video and audio courses and Short Courses prior to the International Biometric Conference. Many educational needs of Society Members are satisfied through this program. Oversight for this fund is provided by the Education Committee. 

IBS to Match Donation to Travel Awards Fund

The IBS Travel Awards Fund was established to provide assistance to as many members as possible from lower and middle-income countries to attend either the International Biometric Conference or IBS Region / Network conferences. IBS members from these countries will sometimes not have access to travel grants from their own countries or institutions, and often seek external sponsorship.

The distribution of Travel Awards funds has resulted in an increase in our membership from lower and middle-income countries (LMICs), thus helping to make the International Biometric Society a truly global society. Nowhere is this international nature more visible than at our International Biometric Conference.

In recent years, the awards have become quite competitive. IBS is only able to fund approximately half of the applicants who apply. Donations are vital for the continued success of this program. There is additional information about our Travel Grant Program and the application process.

IBS has instituted a Matching Funds Program. For every dollar that a region or individual donates, IBS will match it with an equal amount with a limit specified during the annual budget process. This means that we have the potential to enable many more people from LMICs to attend IBS-sponsored conferences.

Please donate today. Every donation will be acknowledged, and IBS will make your contribution go twice as far.