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And WELCOME to our new visitors!

For our launch, and for privacy reasons, we decided at first not to automatically add users to the community. However, members and others have inquired about the community and some are looking for assistance in getting started with the community. Therefore, a decision was made recently to 'auto-join' current IBS members. Moving forward, our members will automatically benefit from access to the primary 'IBS Members Community' the moment they are recognized as members in our database.

As you continue with IBS, and your involve yourself in some of our working groups, communities associated with those working groups will be automatically listed in the 'My Communities' section (due to your membership status, volunteer status or specific conference registration). Remember that you must always log in to see your communities, or share content in a community. We hope you enjoy this new feature. Let us know what you think!

The International Biometric Office
  • Dear Friends and Colleagues, The Caucus for Women in Statistics (CWS) ( ) is celebrating the 50th anniversary this year. As a part of the celebration, we are hosting the Around the World Virtual Conference in December 2021. Information ...

  • Hi All, please check the flyer for the Interegion Activity called Collaborative Approach for Data Analysis and share within your regions. More Info: Best, ------------------------------ Pablo Reeb Universidad Nacional ...

  • Hi Henrik, Many thanks for your advice and the paper shared. It's been so helpful. Cheers, -- Charles Natuhamya Fellow, DELTAS Africa SSACAB | Researcher & Data Analyst, DataGram ...

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