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For Administrative Support, the International Biometric Society can be contacted at its headquarters, the International Business Office.

International Biometric Office (IBO) Staff

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International Biometric Office (IBO) Staff

Headshot of Peter Doherty

Executive Director

Peter Doherty, CAE

  • Governance & IBC oversight
  • Policy and process development and oversight
  • Support for Officers and Executive Board members
  • Accounting and budgeting functions
  • Contract reviews
  • Liaison to publishers, contractors, legal and accounting firms
  • Provides committee staff support for Budget & Finance, Editorial Advisory, and Conference Advisory committees
  • Oversees staff and liaisons with management company, supporting partners

Headshot of Courtney Fowler

Communications & Engagement Manager

Courtney Fowler

  • Overall communications strategy
  • Mass communications and statistics
  • Content development
  • Liaison, Committee on Communications, Social Media Officers

Headshot of Alexander Iula

Director of Operations

Alexander Iula, CMP

  • IBC Logistics & Scientific Program support
  • IBC Speaker support
  • Liaison to Representative Council & Network and support for the Inter-Regional Funding Program
  • Support for the Local Organizing Committee, Social Program Committee and International Program Committee
  • Liaison to Education Committee
  • Support for Journal Club and Young Statisticians programs
  • Support for Mentorship Program

Membership Manager


  • Primary contact for customer service (
  • Liaison to Awards Fund Committee, Education Committee
  • Support for Region administrators
  • Website and Advertising support
  • Biometric Bulletin Editorial Manager
  • IBC Registration, Visa and Mobile Application support
  • Liaison to 2024 IBC International Program Committee
  • 2024 Logistics & Scientific Program support
  • 2024 IBC Exhibits and Sponsorship support