The East Asian Network

East Asian Regional (EAR) Network


The East Asian Network’s main purpose is the scientific exchange of information and the strengthening of biometry in East Asia and the surrounding Regions.

Participating Regions:

  • China 
  • India 
  • Japan 
  • Korea 

*as of July 2017

Members from the following locations have also joined with the Network:

  • Hong Kong
  • Taiwan

Membership Composition

Any Region in the East Asian area is welcome to join the EAR Network and could host the East Asia Regional Biometric Conference (EAR-BC). Regions may also opt to disassociate from the Network. As a result of Regions opting to disassociate, if there would be fewer than three Regions in the Network then the Network will be dissolved.


The Network’s structure derives from its primary role of facilitating and supporting the biannual EAR Biometric Conferences. Management and Scientific Programme Committees are appointed for each meeting, with representation across all EAR Network participating Regions. The EAR-BC does not have an administrative office, and is managed entirely by volunteers.


The Regions of the Network are self-supporting, and not-for-profit. Hosting Regions are responsible for the administration of finances for EAR-BCs. Hosting Regions prepare the budget for the Network meeting. Any positive balance is used to plan and support the next EAR-BC meeting, following payment of all expenses by the host Region.

Governance / Committee Structure, and Succession Procedures

Management and Scientific Programme Committees are appointed for each meeting, with representation across all EAR Network participating Regions. The Management Committee functions as the governing body for the EAR-BC. There is no additional representation of a Network on the Representative Council beyond the representatives of the constituent Regions, and no additional committees. Nominations for representation on the EAR-BC are submitted by the Board from each Region. There is no specific timetable for nominations. Officers for the next EAR-BC have not yet been determined.

Officers for the most recent EAR-BC in Fukuoka, Japan (December, 2015) included:

Chair: Yasuo Ohashi, Chuo University (Japan)

Secretary: Satoshi Hattori,Kurume University (Japan) and Junji Kishimoto, Kyushu University (Japan)

Treasurer: Takashi Omori, Kobe University (Japan)

Scientific Programme Committee: Shigeyuki Matsui, Nagoya University (Chair, Japan), Kunihiko Takahashi,

Nagoya University (Japan), Hideki Suganami, Kowa Company. Ltd. (Japan), Hisashi Noma, Institute of Statistical Mathematics (Japan)

Past / Future Planned Network Activities

Inter-Regional activities and scholarly interaction among researchers were initiated at the first East Asia Regional Biometric Conference (EAR-BC) in Tokyo (Japan, 2007). Subsequent EAR-BCs held in Manipal (India, 2010), Seoul (Korea, 2012), Beijing (China, 2013) and Fukuoka (Japan, 2015) have helped to strengthen the Network. The next conference will be hosted by the Indian Region. EAR-BCs will continue to be scheduled in non-IBC years and their occurrence will be linked to the continuing existence of the Network.

These cumulative inter-Regional activities played an important role in the successful outcome of the 2012 IBC in Kobe, Japan, and will be instrumental to the planning for the 2020 IBC in Seoul, Korea.

Student / Young Statistician Activities

Young statisticians are welcome at every EAR-BC event. No specific activities targeting young statisticians have been planned at this time.

Network Foundational Document

Current as of August 22, 2017

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