About the Network:

Established in 2008, the Central European Network’s main purpose is the scientific exchange of information and the strengthening of biometry in Central Europe and around the Alps.  The initial members of the Network include the Austrian Swiss Region, The German Region and the Polish Region.   Joint conferences are held in turn in each region every 3 or 4 years.    The Network is open to including additional regions from Central Europe.

Participating IBS Regions:

  • Austrian Swiss
  • German
  • Polish
  • Belgian
  • French
  • Netherlands
  • British and Irish

Past / Future Planned Network Activities:

The Channel Network Conference is a biennial conference organized by the IBS regions; Belgium, France, Great-Britain/Ireland and the Netherlands. This conference aims at gathering statisticians to discuss the newest statistical methodology for the analysis of biological and medical data. It is a 3-day conference with short courses, invited and contributed sessions. Usually, around 150 researchers from both academia and industry participate in the conference. In 2019, the British and Irish region will host the conference at Rothamsted Research, the world’s oldest agricultural research institute.