The International Biometric Society is an international society for the advancement of biological science through the development of quantitative theories and the application, development and dissemination of effective mathematical and statistical techniques. The Society welcomes as members biologists, mathematicians, statisticians, and others interested in applying similar techniques.

Individuals usually join as regular members. The Society also operates a student and senior retiree membership. Applicants for all classes of membership must be approved by the appropriate Regional or National Secretary or, in the case of applicants for At-Large membership, by the General Secretary. Full members of the Society receive online access to electronic copies of the journals, Biometrics and JABES, and the newsletter, Biometric Bulletin.

Membership fees are paid directly through the appropriate Region. Information on the level of these fees can be obtained from the appropriate Regional Secretary. (In some cases information may be available through the regional or national Web pages). Membership inquiries are best addressed to these secretaries. However, inquiries can also be routed through the International Office of the Society.

Membership Renewal

At-Large members can renew online through the IBS central dues collection program. At-Large members are defined as those persons who reside in locales that do not have an affiliated Region. Click here to renew online now.