International Biometric Conferences have been sponsored by the International Biometric Society (IBS) since 1947 and represent one of the major activities of the IBS. The Society organizes a major international conference every two years. How to Cite Abstracts from International Biometric Conferences

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2020 International Biometric Conferences


2020 IBC

5-10 July 2020
XXX International Biometric Conference (IBC 2020)
Seoul, Korea.

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IBC 2020 Promo Video

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Future International Biometric Conference:

2022 IBC

July 10-15 2022
XXXI International Biometric Conference (IBC 2022)

Radisson Blu Latvija Conference & Spa Hotel

Riga, Latvia.


Past IBCs (Photo albums for 2018 and prior may be found below.)


2018 IBC
8-13 July 2018
XXIX International Biometric Conference (IBC 2018)
Barcelona International Convention Centre
Barcelona, Spain

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IBC2018 Post-Survey Results

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2016 IBC
10-15 July 2016
XXVIIIth International Biometric Conference (IBC 2016)
Victoria Conference Centre
Victoria, BC Canada

Media: IBC 2016 marketing poster

Photos: 2016 July 10-15 Victoria Conference Centre, Victoria, British Colombia, Canada


2014 IBC
6–11 July 2014
XXVIIth International Biometric Conference (IBC 2014)
Firenze Fiera Congress & Exhibition Center
Florence, Italy

Photos: 2014 July 6-11 Firenze Fiera Confress & Exhibition Center, Florence, Italy


More photo albums, programs, and IBC history:


The first International Biometric Conference was held 5-6 September 1947 at the Marine Biological Labs, Woods Hole, MA USA. The delegates of the first IBC are pictured above.