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Honorary Life Membership Nominations

The International Biometric Society has bestowed the award of Honorary Life Member since 1964. In addition to the honor, recipients receive all the rights and privileges of a regular member.

Representative Council members, Executive Board members, and Regional Presidents may submit nominations of regular IBS members until Friday, 17 June 2024.


When considering whether to nominate a member, please note the following:

  • Current Representative Council members and Executive Board members are ineligible for nomination.
  • Each nomination must be sponsored by five (5) or more members, including at least two (2) from outside the candidate’s Region (if the candidate belongs to a Region).
  • A statement of support for the nomination should be submitted by the sponsors at the time of nomination. This may be in the form of a letter in electronic format or an e-mail.
  • A region may support multiple nominees. However, no more than one (1) individual from each region should be nominated, unless otherwise agreed to by the President.


  • The deadline for nominations is 17 June 2024.
  • Please send all nominations via e-mail to Representative Council Liaison Peter Doherty with a copy sent to Special Projects Manager Heidi Lapka.
  • Each nomination must be supported by five (5) or more members. Two (2) of the supporting members must be outside of the candidate’s Region.
  • A statement of support should be submitted by the sponsors.
  • Submissions must be provided in editable text, so that they can be included in a ballot.
  • We ask that sponsors not submit their nominations until all of the nomination materials have been accounted for.

If you would like a sample submission, please contact Special Projects Manager Heidi Lapka.

An election will be conducted by the Representative Council, who will be informed of all valid nominations received by the deadline. In this election, each member of the Representative Council may support a maximum of four candidates, but no candidate shall be elected to Honorary Life Membership unless supported by the majority of the Representative Council. No more than four individuals may be honored during each even-numbered year. The public announcement of the newly-elected Honorary Life Members(s) shall be made by the President in December, 2024 at the International Biometric Conference (IBC) in Atlanta, Georgia USA.