The International Biometric Office has become aware of a current email scam that seems to be targeting IBS members.

A recent email scam with the subject “IBS LOGISTICAL SUPPORT PAYMENT” from the sender Louise Ryan is fake, and not from the IBS President or other IBS leaders. The email appears to be written from the president asking for support with a logistical support transfer. Please, do not respond in any way to the person sending this email.

It is often difficult to be sure if something is real or fake, since scammers adjust their tactics. So, if you have doubt, trust your instinct and do not send any information. Never send other IBS members sensitive information like passwords, bank account, or credit card details.

Scam messages will often appear to come from a legitimate person, when in fact the real e-mail address is somthing else entirely. Email phishing and spoof emails aim to obtain your secure information, passwords or bank account numbers. The emails use deceptive means to try and trick you, like forging the sender’s name. Emails coming from strange domains like or addresses like .gmail or .yahoo, where free accounts can be created in minutes, are a very big red flag for spotting illegitimate emails. Often, they ask for the reader to reply, send money to someone in distress or click on a web link to allow the sender to steal personal information.

If you suspect suspicious activity, please be cautious, especially if asked to update information, send money, or confirm or maintain your account. IBS staff and volunteers will NEVER ask for funds to be transferred in an insecure way. If you have received a seemingly legitimate communication of this kind from the IBS we would still encourage you to be cautious. We encourage you to go to the IBS website directly (, rather than clicking on a link in an email, or contact the IBO directly for assistance. Fraudulent activity should also be reported to your internal IT department as quickly as possible.