Who We Are

Who We Are

The International Biometric Society is an international society for the advancement of biological science through the development of quantitative theories and the application, development, and dissemination of effective mathematical and statistical techniques. To this end the Society welcomes to membership biologists, mathematicians, statisticians, and others interested in applying similar techniques.

The stated aims of the International Society are :

  1. To support the advancement of biological science through the development of quantitative theories and mathematical and statistical techniques;
  2. To provide a forum for the scientific community to exchange ideas, information and research results related to quantitative theories and statistical applications in biological science;
  3. To collect, publish, and disseminate scientific information in the field of quantitative theories and statistical applications in biological science;
  4. To do other things necessary or appropriate to the accomplishment of any of the objects or purposes for which the Society is formed.

The Society is devoted to fostering the application of statistics and mathematics in the biological sciences. Statistical methods have contributed much to scientific advance this century, particularly in genetics, agriculture, ecology and medicine. At the same time, mathematical methods, for example recent developments in non-linear systems, have shed light on the dynamics of complex biological processes. Biometry is a fast moving field and biometricians are aiding scientific understanding in many new areas of research and technology: environmental risk assessment, DNA fingerprinting, epidemiology of AIDS, satellite remote sensing, climate change, medical imaging, drug and vaccine design, genetic counselling, sustainable agriculture, to give but a few examples. Membership of the International Biometric society will put you in touch with fellow researchers and practitioners and ensure that you keep up to date with the latest developments in methodology and application in the biological sciences.

The Society was founded in 1947 and is open to any one interested in the quantitative aspects of biology. It is truly international with more than 6,000 members from over 80 countries and a federal structure of 16 regions and 14 national groups. An elected Council, representing the regions and members `at large', governs the Society's affairs. To encourage membership within developing countries, regional networks have been established and a reduced subscription scheme introduced.

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British and Irish Region

The British and Irish Region of the Society represents members in Britain and Ireland. It was founded in 1948 by eminent statisticians and biologists of the time. There are now some 150 members drawn principally from agricultural and environmental research institutes, medical schools and laboratories, pharmaceutical companies and universities.


Biometrics, the world-renowned journal of the Society, appears quarterly and publishes authoritative expository or review articles and analytical or methodological papers in any area of biometry.

The Journal of Agricultural, Biological and Environmental Statistics (JABES) is a journal published jointly with the American Statistical Association. It publishes applied papers which address statistical problems in agriculture, the environment and natural resources.

The Biometric Bulletin is the Society's quarterly newsletter and contains features and announcements, regional news with details of forthcoming meeting and abstracts of talks, letters from members and advertisements.