Image result for tanzania national flagTanzania is the new and an active region of IBS. For more information about the Tanzanian Region, or if you want to join or renew your membership, please email Prof. Jim Todd;


 President  Innocent B. Mboya
 Vice President    
 Secretary/ Treasurer  Jim Todd
 Publicity Secretary  Ola Jahanpour
 Committee Members  Gasper Mbita

 Jacqueline Materu
   Soledad Colombe


History of IBS Tanzanian Region establishment
The IBS Tanzanian Region was established in October 26, 2017. The idea to establish the region was realized and spearhead by Tanzanians (with assistance from Prof. Jim Todd) who attended 2017 International Biometric Society (IBS) Sub Sahara African Network (SUSAN) Conference, which was held in Lilongwe, Malawi from 22nd to 25th August 2017.