Home page: ROeS founded in 1961.

For more information about the Austo-Swiss Region (ROeS) or how to become a member, email:



President Valentin Rousson
Past President Martin Posch
Treasurer Shu-Fang Hsu Schmitz
Secretary Regina Riedl


IBS Representative Council
Andrea Berghold (Chair)
Hans-Ulrich Burger
Martina Mittlböck


Biometric Bulletin Correspondent Dominik Heinzmann
Homepage/Webmaster Joachim Masser
News Michael Vock


The region organizes a regional conference every second year, usually attended by more than 100 participants. Details of meetings can be found at

Biometrical Journal:
The Biometrical Journal (publisher: Wiley-VCH) publishes articles on the application of mathematical methods in the field of biosciences. It is edited in cooperation with the German and the Austro-Swiss Region of the International Biometric Society. Members of these regions get access to the electronic version and may order the print version at a reduced rate. Link to the Biometrical Journal

History of region’s development:
The Austro-Swiss Region was founded in 1961 by Austrian and Swiss statisticians. First Austrian President was LS Schmetter (162-1963), first Swiss President was A. Linder (1964-1965).