Call for Editor Nominations – JABES

The International Biometric Society and the American Statistical Association have invited nominations and applications for the position of editor of the Journal of Agricultural, Biological, and Environmental Statistics (JABES). JABES publishes articles of immediate and practical value to applied researchers and statistical consultants in the agricultural sciences, the biological sciences (including biotechnology), and the environmental sciences (including those dealing with [...]

Nominations for Biometrics Co-Editor Requested

The IBS journal Biometrics operates under a three Co-Editor structure, with the Co-Editors having staggered terms so that, each year, a Co-Editor completes his/her term. The three Co-Editors are also from different geographic locations, with one each from North America, Europe, and locations other than these. Co-Editor Stijn Vansteelandt’s term will end 31 December 2018. Following IBS policy, a search [...]

Representative Council Now Accepting Nominations for Honorary Life Membership
IBC2016 Awards Ceremony2

  HONORARY LIFE MEMBERSHIP   The International Biometric Society has honored deserving individuals with the award of Honorary Life Member since 1964. In addition to the honor, recipients receive all the rights and privileges of a Regular Member. Representative Council members, Executive Board members, and Regional Presidents may submit nominations of Regular members by 16 March, 2018. Each nominee must [...]

IBC2018 Registration is Open

The International Biometric Society’s (IBS) International Biometric Conference (IBC) offers a very robust scientific programme for anyone with an interest in biometry. The scientific programme is made up of the following components: invited sessions, contributed sessions, poster sessions and short courses. The mission of the IBS is to promote the development and application of statistical and mathematical theory and methods [...]

Criteria for Award for Outstanding Contribution to IBS Announced
IBC2016 Awards Ceremony11

  Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Development of the IBS The International Biometric Society has presented an Award for Outstanding Contributions to the Development of the IBS since 2006.  In addition to a handsome Recognition Award, recipients of the Awards receive complimentary IBS membership for the next calendar year. Aim:  To honor the contributions of IBS members to the development to [...]