Representative Council Appointments Update – Message to be Distributed to Regions

As we mentioned in the February edition of IBO Update!, terms for half of the members of the IBS Representative Council end on 30 June 2017. It is time for IBS Regions to consider nominating new members to represent your interests on the Representative Council. Representative Council members serve a four-year term and may serve no more than eight (8) years (two terms). A personalized communication to your Region will be sent by the IBO Staff shortly. Please look for this communication, as it will contain special instructions meant for YOUR REGION ONLY!

The Representative Council is a relatively new body formed by the IBS. And it is possible that some of you do not know the purpose of the Council. First and foremost, members of the Council are charged with representing the interests and the membership of each IBS Region, sharing their unique perspective on the issues that are of concern to individuals and the scientific community in their Region. But this is not where a Council member’s responsibilities end. They should also be willing (if asked) to serve on astanding committee of the IBS, should participate fully in their Region’s activities/governance (in order to keep the IBS up to date on their activities), share IBS information relevant to the Regions with that Region’s governance and (if possible) attend an IBC (International Biometric Conference) during their term on the Council. Representative Council members are also involved in the approval of candidates for a variety of IBS honors, and support Network and Inter-Regional activities through a special fund, designed to enhance international interactions and cooperation. So as you can see, membership on the Council is an important part of the new IBS governance structure!

It has been noted that the IBS has been somewhat silent on the method by which Representative Council members may be appointed. This has been done by design. The IBS has chosen not to recommend a preferred method for making these selections, understanding that every Region functions differently. That being said, in the absence of a local selection process, here are some basic recommendations for how your selections might be made:

  1. Members must be current with their Region/IBS membership and must be elected/appointed by their Region.  If membership has not been paid prior to nomination, the membership should be paid by the time of the member’s appointment.
  2. Nominations should be submitted to the Region’s Executive Board, Nominating Committee or equivalent.
  3. The IBS will not accept nominations made directly to the IBO or IBS leadership. This is done to ensure that the nominee can effectively represent the interests of the local Region. If nominations are received at the IBO, a staff member will refer the individual to an appropriate Region contact.
  4. Nominations may be made by individuals or groups. Self-nominations are also OK.
  5.  Nominees should review and agree to the charges associated with appointment to the Representative Council. You are welcome to use the language shown above as a reference. A region may choose to get this agreement in written form.
  6. Finally, a vote to appoint the nominee(s) is highly encouraged. The Executive Board also encourages election by the full membership of the Region, though this is not required.

These recommendations notwithstanding, Regions are free to select the most appropriate method by which to elect/appoint members.

Regions with Council members whose terms end in 2017 should elect/appoint representatives no later than 30 June. Note that we do not assume that a person will serve for a second four-year term without written confirmation.  A list of Representative Council members and terms may be found at  If you are unsure as to whether a member of Representative Council is eligible for a second term, please contact the IBO.

Available Travel Awards for 2017

As reported in February, the IBS Awards Fund Committee has instituted a program to assist members from developing countries in attending conferences sponsored by IBS Regions or Networks.

Here are the names and countries of the first round of travel award recipients for 2017:

First Name Last Name Country
Gul Inan Turkey
Elvis Muchene Kenya
Omololu Stephen Aluko South Africa
Kennedy Mwai Kenya
Oludare Samuel Ariyo Nigeria
Mbanefo Madukaife Nigeria

Those who are interested in attending conferences during the second half of 2017 should now consider submitting an application for a travel grant.  This is a competitive program, and 2017 individual grants will not exceed $2,000 USD.

The next deadline for applications is 30 June 2017. The guidelines for awarding grants are available at To apply, click here: We look forward to receiving applications from members in your Region!

2017 Membership Renewal Season

Just a friendly reminder! Membership reporting and payments for your Region members are due at the beginning of each calendar year. The final deadline is 1 May 2017 for reporting of member information. The IBS dues cycle runs from 1 January – 31 December. Dues invoices and member rosters for 2017 have been sent to all Regions. Please note that 2017 dues have not changed: $60 USD Regular Members/$14 USD Developing Country Members. Contact the IBO if you need assistance with processing dues.

IBC2018 – Short Course Proposal Update

We are happy to report that more than 30 short course proposals for IBC2018 were received this year! These and many invited session proposals are now being considered. Authors should receive official notification from the appropriate committee as soon as possible. Also, be on the lookout for the Call for Contributed Papers, coming soon. We ask that you distribute this to your members upon receipt.

Biometric Bulletin Special Request

If you have not done so already, each Region should appoint a Biometric Bulletin correspondent whose role is to report on regional matters in advance of each Biometric Bulletin. The deadline for Biometric Bulletin correspondents to send their submissions to the Editor for the next issue is 9 May.

Region Information Sessions, Brought to You by the IBO

As noted in February, the IBO information sessions continue. We are currently scheduling the next session with the following Regions: Belgian, British / Irish, German, Italian, Nordic / Baltic, Eastern Mediterranean, Romanian, Botswanan, Kenyan and Nigerian. This session is expected to take place in early April.

Another information session will be made available in mid-April to support the following Regions: Polish, Spanish, The Netherlands, Austro-Swiss, French, Zimbabwean, South African, Ugandan, Malawi, Ethiopian and Ghanian.

The final Region information session will support the Chinese, Korean, Australasian, Japanese, Pakistani, Singaporean and Indian Regions and has not yet been scheduled.

These information sessions are held through an online system and are hosted by members of the IBO Staff. Our goal is to allow the IBO and our Region representatives to introduce each other, share the processes and procedures established by the IBO and discuss how the Regions and the IBO can work together most effectively. The sessions last no more than one hour and will include a question and answer period. Personalized invitations will be sent to Region administrators. Individuals unable to attend a session are welcome to request a link to a pre-recorded session.

First Journal Club Registration is FULL!

We received a large response to the announcement regarding the first Journal Club session, planned for April. Please let your members know that a second Journal Club session is already being planned and will be announced soon.

IBS Representative Council STILL has Funding for Region Activities

Just a reminder – the IBS Representative Council has developed a funding program to enhance interactions among Regions and Networks. To date, a variety of initiatives have been funded. A new funding period has begun, and we are interested in considering your proposals.

We know that there are many Regional activities that might be considered for funding. However, in order for your Region to be deemed eligible to receive funding, you must first apply! For examples of the types of activities that can be considered or for program guidelines, click here. We encourage Regions to be creative in their proposals.

Posting of Event Photos on IBS Facebook / Twitter

We would like to reinvigorate the IBS Facebook and Twitter pages by asking Regions to post photos and information about events occurring in the Region. In order to post to the IBS Facebook account, you must search for ‘International Biometric Society’ using the Facebook search function, and “LIKE” the page. Or, you can go directly to those pages using these links:


Please Update Regional Officers

Don’t forget to notify the IBO if there has been a change in your Regional Officers. Officers from the Regions are published on the IBS website (, as well as maintained in our member database. These updates will allow us to communicate effectively with all the Regions about upcoming Society events and new programs. Please send updates to the IBO

We hope your 2017 has gotten off to a great start! Please let us know if we can help you in any way.


Your IBO Staff

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