IBS Representative Council 

Network and Inter-Regional Activities Funding Programme

The main goal of this funding program is to enhance interactions among networks or regions. Until recently, the Executive Board had funded initiatives on an ad hoc basis. These have included, among others:

  • A Central European Network sponsored invited session with Polish Region speakers at the German Region meeting in March 2015 – a video recording is on the IBS website;
  • A Young Statisticians Competition for students from Latin America to attend and present at the Spanish Region meeting in September 2015;
  • Sponsorship of an East African meeting in Uganda in November 2015, with additional support from the Education and Awards Fund Committees.

This program establishes a funding mechanism for such multi-region activities on a more formal and regular basis. The above examples illustrate the types of activities that can be considered, but there are many other possible activities that could be funded under the program, so regions should be creative in their proposals. The guiding principle is that the activity must involve and encourage inter-region interaction. The expectation is that there should be some contribution, maybe in kind, from the participating regions and some general benefit to the Society at large.

Guidelines for the funding program

The Executive Board allocates $10,000 in total per year to this funding program. Each activity award is subject to a maximum of $5,000.

Applications can be submitted at any time

  • Regions or Networks should send their proposal for a Network or inter-Regional activity to the Taskforce of the Representative Council, using the email below
  • A Region or a Network can apply for different activities in a single funding round.
  • Regions or Networks must demonstrate how funded activities will reinforce links between regions.

Guidelines for proposals

  • In the proposal, Regions/Networks should give a detailed explanation of the financial needs, the scientific value, and, of course, the potential benefit to the IBS as a whole.
  • Proposals must be submitted electronically and sent to regions@biometricsociety.org.
  • The proposals should be submitted at least 3 months in advance of the activity.
  • The Taskforce, with assistance from the IBS International Business Office, will be responsible for managing the review process.
  • The outcome of applications will be sent to the Regions/Networks within a month.
  • Confidentiality of the reviews is assured.
  • Successful proposals must provide a meeting report and photographs, which may be used in the Biometric Bulletin. Other benefits for the society (like webinars, videos of key sessions for the conference website) are welcomed and encouraged.

Conditions and Criteria
When rank-ordering proposals, consideration will be given to:


◦     Activity itself – form new network, network activities, inter-regional activities.

◦     Benefit for Society as a whole – webinars, etc.

◦     Activities for Young Statisticians


◦     Travel expenses and costs for lodging may be reimbursed

◦     No conference fees to be reimbursed (this should be an in-kind contribution)

Taskforce of the Representative Council

The Taskforce will:

  • be appointed by the Chair of the Representative Council for a two-year period
  • include 5-6 members of the Representative Council (incl. Chair)
  • be approved by the whole Representative Council

Download PDF here.