Special Announcement
Alert: Fraudulent Email Communications Reported
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The International Biometric Office has become aware of a current email scam that seems to be targeting IBS members. A recent email scam with the subject “IBS LOGISTICAL SUPPORT PAYMENT” from the sender Louise Ryan is fake, and not from the IBS President or other IBS leaders. The email appears to be written from the president asking for support with [...]

IBS Secretary-Treasurer Election Results
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Dear IBS Members, Thanks to those who participated in the recent Society-wide election for Secretary-Treasurer by online ballot. Our election service reviewed the 893 individual votes received, and we are pleased to announce that Vicente Núñez-Antón, Professor of Statistics at The University of the Basque Country in Spain, has been elected and will serve as Secretary-Treasurer. The individual in this [...]

Alan Welsh Named New Biometrics Co-Editor

Professor Alan Welsh from Australian National University has been selected to be the next Co-Editor of IBS’s Biometrics journal. Alan’s term will start on 1 January, 2020 and end on 31 December, 2022. The IBS journal Biometrics operates under a three Co-Editor structure, with the Co-Editors having staggered terms so that, each year, a Co-Editor completes his/her term. The three Co-Editors are also [...]

IBS Travel Grant Application

IBS Travel Grant Application In non- IBC years, the International Biometric Society Travel Awards Committee has instituted a program to assist IBS members from Developing Countries in attending conferences sponsored by IBS Regions or Networks. If you are interested in attending a conference in 2019, either in your own region or outside your region, but don’t have the resources to [...]

Call for Expression of Interest to host an IBC
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The International Biometric Society (IBS) relies on its regions to come forward with proposals to host our biennial International Biometric Conference (IBC). For the regions, a major challenge has always been the amount of work required to prepare a successful proposal, not to mention the work required by the successful region to actually host the meeting. This year, after extensive [...]

Professor Bradley Efron of Stanford University Wins International Prize in Statistics
Bradley Efron

International Prize in Statistics Awarded to Stanford’s Bradley Efron ALEXANDRIA, VA (November 12, 2018): The International Prize in Statistics has been awarded to Bradley Efron, professor of statistics and biomedical data science at Stanford University, in recognition of the “bootstrap,” a method he developed in 1977 for assessing the uncertainty of scientific results that has had extraordinary impact across many [...]

Executive Board Elections

The election for new Executive Board members has begun.  Voting members of the Society will have recently received an electronic ballot notification in order to allow participation in the election. The deadline to vote in the election will be 23:59 Pacific Standard Time (U.S.) on 2 December 2018. The e-mail would have come from IBSElection@intelliscaninc.net. IBS contracts with a private [...]

IBS Honorary Life Members Named for 2018
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By a vote of the Representative Council, four longtime members have been named Honorary Life Members of the International Biometric Society.  All 2018 Honorary Life Members will be recognized on Tuesday, 10 July at the IBS Awards Ceremony held during the International Biometric Conference (IBC) in Barcelona. Honorees for 2018 include Marie Davidian (ENAR), Hans C. van Houwelingen (The Netherlands [...]

Nominations for Biometrics Co-Editor Requested

The IBS journal Biometrics operates under a three Co-Editor structure, with the Co-Editors having staggered terms so that, each year, a Co-Editor completes his/her term. The three Co-Editors are also from different geographic locations, with one each from North America, Europe, and locations other than these. Co-Editor Stijn Vansteelandt’s term will end 31 December 2018. Following IBS policy, a search [...]

IBS has Moved!
IBS is Moving!

Our office is now in a new location. Please update your records! Our new address is 1120 20th St., NW Suite 750 Washington, DC  20036