Executive Board Recommends Amendments to the IBS Bylaws

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The Executive Board, at its 29 September meeting, reviewed the Bylaws of the Society and recommends to the membership the approval of the following three amendments:

1.) To clearly set out the process for replacing a director of the Executive Board due to a resignation within the first two years of a four-year term,  Article V, Section 5.2 will be amended by adding the following wording:

At each election there should be six regular vacancies plus any casual vacancies resulting from directors resigning within the first two years of a four year term. In order to preserve the rotation of the board, candidates elected to fill a casual vacancy shall only serve a two year term. In the event that a continental area has more than one vacancy, and one, or more, of the vacancies is a casual vacancy, the elected candidates with the greatest number of votes will fill the regular vacancies.

2.) By agreement with the Strategic Initiatives Committee, its responsibilities now fall to the Executive Board (who will convene ad-hoc committees to advise on specific issues). The following amendment disbands the Strategic Initiatives Committee as a standing committee of the Society. Article IX, Section 9.1 will be amended by deleting the Strategic Initiatives Committee from the list of Standing Committees.

3.) Following from the above, to delete the description of the Strategic Initiatives Committee from Article  IX, Section 9.8 G.

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Bylaws (PDF) (PDF)

In 30 days, the voting members of IBS will receive an electronic ballot asking members to consider and vote for these three amendments to the IBS Bylaws.