The Representative Council Chair is responsible for forming a Nominating Committee from among the members of the Representative Council immediately after each election of new Representative Council members. The committee is responsible for selecting a slate of nominees for officers and directors for election by all members of the Society.

Name Region Term Start Term End
Elizabeth Thompson, Chair Western North America 1/1/2019 12/31/2020
Brisa N. Sanchez Eastern North America 7/1/2017 6/30/2021
Elizabeth Juarez-Colunga Western North America 7/1/2019 6/30/2021
Ethelbert Nduka Nigerian Region 7/1/2017 6/30/2021
Ikuko Funatogawa Japanese Region 7/1/2019 6/30/2021
Meinhard Kieser German Region 7/1/2019 6/30/2021
Pablo Daniel Reeb Argentinean Region 7/1/2019 6/30/2021