Dear IBS Members,

Thanks to those who participated in the recent Society-wide election for Secretary-Treasurer by online ballot. Our election service reviewed the 893 individual votes received, and we are pleased to announce that Vicente Núñez-Antón, Professor of Statistics at The University of the Basque Country in Spain, has been elected and will serve as Secretary-Treasurer. The individual in this position serves a three-year term, beginning 1 January 2020 and ending 31 December, 2022.

Please join me in congratulating our newly elected Secretary-Treasurer. We are happy to welcome him back to the Executive Board in 2020! If you have ideas on how to make the IBS membership even more useful to you, or wish to contribute to IBS as a volunteer in some manner, please contact me at the IBO, or a member of our Executive Board.

Peter Doherty, CAE
Executive Director