The International Biometric Society (IBS) relies on its regions to come forward with proposals to host our biennial International Biometric Conference (IBC). For the regions, a major challenge has always been the amount of work required to prepare a successful proposal, not to mention the work required by the successful region to actually host the meeting. This year, after extensive discussions with the IBS Conference Organizing Committee and the IBS Executive Board, the Officers have decided to streamline the process to make it easier on the regions.  The new process also reflects the fact that we now have a multi-year contract with the conference-organizing company MCI ( which helps us with IBC logistics. In contrast to the past, the Regions will no longer be required to identify a local organizing company to do this work.

The new process involves the following steps:

  1. Regions submit an Expression of Interest (EoI) to serve as host of an IBC; click here to review the list of what information should be included in such an EoI.
  2. The Conference Advisory Committee (CAC) will evaluate the EoIs and invite a small number of Regions to submit full proposals.
  3. The CAC will evaluate the full proposals, narrowing the field down to two finalists who will then be invited to refine their proposal further and present their proposal in person at the beginning of the IBC meeting 4 years prior to the one being planned. The CAC will make their final decision and report to the IBS Executive Board, who will vote on a selection in time for presentation at the Annual General Membership Meeting.

As part of this new process, and in order to assist the CAC with their decision-making, we will engage MCI to undertake a feasibility study of proposed IBC locations and venues. MCI will also be available to assist regions with the preparation of final proposals. While it would still be possible for a region to make the case for using a company other than MCI to help with conference logistics, we would be happy if regions embrace the new model. Our experience so far with planning towards IBC2020 suggests that the model is a good one.  It allows things to run more smoothly and helps us to retain a greater level of corporate knowledge.

We invite your region to consider the submission of an EoI to host IBC2024. Note that there is a guiding principle of having our IBCs follow the following rotation: Americas/Europe/Rest of the world. In practice, the rotation is not followed rigorously. Our first priority is always to hold the most successful IBC possible. For example, IBC2016 was in Canada, IBC2018 was in Spain, IBC2020 will be in Seoul, Korea, and IBC2022 will be in Riga, Latvia. This means that ideally, IBC2024 should be in the Americas. But other compelling proposals will definitely be considered.


For your interest, you can find the list of past IBCs at We very much hope your region will consider submitting an EoI. If you do so, please use this template. Please submit your proposal by 15 March 2019 by emailing to