The election for new Executive Board members has begun.  Voting members of the Society will have recently received an electronic ballot notification in order to allow participation in the election. The deadline to vote in the election will be 23:59 Pacific Standard Time (U.S.) on 2 December 2018. The e-mail would have come from IBS contracts with a private election firm that will handle all the logistics of the balloting process, plus tabulation of the results. Note that only voting members of the Society, who have been reported to the IBS as of mid-October, would have received this message. Members who did not receive the first notification will receive several reminders.

Members will be asked to elect six (6) Directors to the Executive Board.  We would like to thank the following individuals for agreeing to run for office!

-          Freedom Gumedze (South African Region)

-          Jupiter Simbeye (Malawi Region)

-          Satoshi Hattori (Japanese Region)

-          Taerim Lee (Korean Region)

-          Frank Bretz (Austro-Swiss Region)

-          Krista Fischer (Nordic-Baltic Region)

-          Havi Murad (Eastern Mediterranean Region)

-          Pascale Tubert-Bitter (French Region)

-          Karen Bandeen-Roche (Eastern North American Region)

-          Joel Greenhouse (Eastern North American Region)

-          Antje Hoering (Western North American Region)

-          Shili Lin (Eastern North American Region)

We encourage your members to VOTE EARLY, so that they do not miss the deadline. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact the International Biometric Office (IBO) for more information.