The Subcommittee of the IBS Committee on Communications is seeking candidates for Editor of the Biometric Bulletin. The term of office for Editor is three years (January 2019 – December 2021). We would like to make sure Regions have the opportunity to encourage members with relevant experience to put themselves forward. Please publicise this message, and encourage any suitable candidates in your Region to apply.  We also welcome nomination by Regional Officers and members.

Please note that the role of Editor is nowadays mainly one of content management, with the International Biometric Office (IBO) being responsible for technical editing, layout work, and publication. The Editor’s role is to develop the quarterly issues of the Biometric Bulletin as a vehicle for ensuring Society members are informed and involved. The Editor’s role is also to recruit ideas for future articles or improvements to the Bulletin.

Those interested in serving in this position should prepare a statement of experience relevant to the position, together with a statement on how they would like the Biometric Bulletin to develop under their editorship to Chair of the Subcommittee, KyungMann Kim ( by 1 December 2018.

More details of responsibilities for the position are available here.