The IBS journal Biometrics operates under a three Co-Editor structure, with the Co-Editors having staggered terms so that, each year, a Co-Editor completes his/her term. The three Co-Editors are also from different geographic locations, with one each from North America, Europe, and locations other than these.

Co-Editor Stijn Vansteelandt’s term will end 31 December 2018. Following IBS policy, a search committee has been constituted to identify Dr. Vansteelandt’s successor according to IBS policy; the members are listed below. According to the geographic convention above, his successor should be located in Europe.

IBS members are hereby invited to submit suggestions for nominees for Biometrics Co-Editor. All suggestions will be forwarded to the search committee for consideration. Junior members of the profession are especially encouraged to submit nominations.

Please send the name(s) of proposed nominee(s), along with a CV (as an attachment) or a URL at which information on the candidate’s qualifications may be found, by email to, no later than 10 March 2018. All proposed nominees should reside in Europe.

Thank you for your participation in this important process!

The 2018 Biometrics Co-Editor Search Committee:

Geert Molenberghs, Biometrics Executive Editor, Chair (Belgian Region) Stijn Vansteelandt, Biometrics CE (Belgian Region) Malka Gorfine, Biometrics CE (EMR), Debashis Ghosh, Biometrics CE (ENAR), Hans-Peter Piepho, EAC Chair (German Region), Esa Läärä, EAC member (Nordic Baltic, former EAC chair), Liliane Lopez Kleine, EAC member (Central America and Caribbean Region).