Happy Birthday to the IBS!

When a friend, or someone in your family, turns 70, it is a significant milestone. And it is one that should be celebrated! The work and experiences that are shared over a span of 70 years can often make a difference for many. And many fond memories often come along with that.

We are happy to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the International Biometric Society on September 6, 2017! The IBS was founded September 6, 1947 at the Marine Biological Laboratory in Woods Hole, Massachusetts, USA. A photo of participants at this first conference may be found here, and will also be featured on the cover of the September, 2017 issue of Biometrics.

Of course, the Biometric Society did not magically spring into being fully formed on this date. Beginning March 29, 1947, and continuing with much activity throughout that spring and summer, the structure and future of the Society slowly began to take shape. You can find the details of those communications in Lynne Billard’s excellent article in Biometrics in 1994.

The face of the Society has changed dramatically over the past 70 years, so that our current day membership is ethnically and gender diverse. Indeed, we are NOW a truly  global Society, with members on nearly every continent.

From the beginning our Regions, now 35 strong across the globe, have been an essential part of our Society. They are just as important today! And with the recent release of our statement on the importance of international collaboration, we will continue to encourage all members and Regions to work together to solve problems that can make such a difference for all of us.

Yes, our first 70 years should be celebrated. But this is only the beginning. There is much more in store for our Society. And as the faces and needs of the world’s statisticians change, so will the IBS. Whether you plan to attend a region or network conference, or next year’s IBC 2018 in Barcelona, Spain, we encourage you to engage with your fellow members and be an active participant, as we embark on our next 70 years.

Thanks for your continued support of the IBS.

- International Biometric Office