IBO Update: New Name, Same Publication!

The name of our Get It STAT newsletter has changed! Do you like it? We want to know what you think. Can you think of a better name? What else should we add to the newsletter? Please let us know, and it will be considered. After all, this is YOUR newsletter!

An Introduction… New Staff Members!

Peter Doherty, the new Executive Director for IBS, has assumed the role following the retirement of Dee Ann Walker this past fall. Throughout his career, Mr. Doherty has engaged members and volunteers as a senior staff member and as executive director for a variety of non-profits since taking his first position in 1996. He has worked with trade associations in the real estate, transportation and utility industries, scientific and professional societies, arts organizations, medical societies and certification boards.

Amanda Bignall, the IBO’s newest staff member, brings to the Society a focus on membership services and 10 years of experience in the association management arena. Amanda will be involved in further developing the Society’s website content and digital communications channels to maximize engagement and to ensure updated and dynamic content.

Available Travel Awards for 2017

As you may have seen from our communication on 10 February, the IBS Travel Awards Committee has instituted a program to assist members from developing countries in attending conferences sponsored by IBS Regions or Networks. Those who are interested in attending conferences in 2017 should consider submitting an application for a travel grant. This is a competitive program, and 2017 grants will not exceed $2,000 USD.

The guidelines for awarding grants are available at http://www.biometricsociety.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Guidelines-for-Travel-Awards-in-Non-IBC-Years-revised-2014.11.17-PD-Edits_DK.doc. To apply, click here: http://www.biometricsociety.org/regional-travel-grant-application/. We look forward to receiving applicants from members in your Region!

2017 Membership Renewal Season

As a reminder,l membership dues are due at the beginning of each calendar year. The IBS dues cycle runs from 1 January – 31 December. Dues invoices and member rosters for 2017 have been sent to all Regions. Please note that 2017 dues have not changed: $60 USD Regular Members/$14 USD Developing Country Members. Contact the IBO if you need assistance with processing dues.

2018 International Biometric Conference (IBC2018) – Barcelona, Spain

Call for Short Course Proposals

We encourage you to pass this information along to your colleagues in the Region! The International Biometric Society (IBS) Education Committee is calling for short course proposals in support of the XXIXth International Biometric Conference (IBC2018), to be held 8-13 July 2018 at the Barcelona International Convention Centre in Barcelona, Spain.

With the IBS returning to Europe for 2018, we expect a large turnout and an energetic audience. A conference short course is usually taught by one or more instructors on a topic that is of interest to many potential IBC participants. Full details regarding this Call for short course proposals is 15 March, 2017. Please download and complete the submission form located at http://www.biometricsociety.org/wp-content/uploads/2011/05/IBS-IBC2018-Short-Course-Proposal-Submission-Template1.docx. Completed forms may be sent by email to the Education Committee Chair, Pascale Tubert-Bitter, at pascale.tubert@inserm.fr with a copy to the International Biometric Office (IBO) at conference@biometricsociety.org.

IBS Representative Council has Funding for Region Activities

Just a reminder – the IBS Representative Council has developed a funding program to enhance interactions among Regions and Ntworks. To date, a variety of initiatives have been funded. We are now beginning a new funding period and are interested in considering your proposals.

We know that there are many Regional activities that might be considered for funding. However, in order for your Region to be deemed eligible to receive funding, you must first apply! For examples of the types of activities that can be considered or for program guidelines, click here. We encourage Regions to be creative in their proposals.

Representative Council Appointments

Terms for half of the members of Representative Council end on 30 June 2017. Representative Council members serve a four-year term and may serve no more than eight (8) years (two terms.)

Regions with Council members with terms ending in 2017 should elect/appoint representatives no later than 30 June. We do not assume that a person will serve for a second four-year term without written confirmation. A list of Representative Council members and terms may be found at http://www.biometricsociety.org/about/leadership/. If you are unsure as to whether a member of Representative Council is eligible for a second term, please contact the IBO.

Region Administrator Training Opportunities

In the coming weeks, you will see information related to Region training opportunities, to be held through an online system and hosted by members of the IBO Staff during February and March 2017. Our goal is to allow the IBO and our Region representatives to introduce each other, share the processes and procedures established by the IBO and discuss how the Regions and the IBO can work together most effectively. The sessions will last no more than one hour and will include a question and answer period. Personalized invitations will be sent to Region administrators.

Please Update Regional Officers

Don’t forget to notify the IBO if there has been a change in your Regional Officers. Officers from the Regions are published on the IBS website (http://www.biometricsociety.org/ibs-regional-officers/) as well as maintained in our member database. These updates will allow us to communicate effectively with all the Regions about upcoming Society events and new programs. Please send updates to the IBO.

We look forward to working with you in 2017!


Your IBO Staff

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