With approximately 6,000 members in over 80 countries identified by location, and in affiliation with one of our many geographical regions, the International Biometric Society (IBS), founded in 1947, is the international organization promoting the development and application of statistical and mathematical theory and methods in the biosciences. This includes agriculture, biomedical science and public health, ecology, environmental sciences, forestry, and allied disciplines.  An Executive Board and elected Council, representing the regions and members ‘at large’, governs the Society’s affairs.

The International Biometric Society offers members ways to enhance their professional development, and serves as a focal point for members to feel an engagement and a stake in the profession beyond their immediate position.  IBS provides its members with information, resources, awards, training, online resources, publications, and networking opportunities, all of which help to keep members at the top of their field.

To encourage membership within lower and middle income countries, regional networks have been established and a reduced dues structure is available for members in these countries.

Applicants for membership should join directly through the specific region in which they live and work. (See Regions) Applicants may only apply directly with the IBS if there is no Region  covering the geographic area in which they reside. However, even in these cases, new members are encouraged to join through an appropriate Region. This is so that members may engage with others in the community, and advance professionally and socially by sharing local knowledge and experiences.

Region applicants for each class of membership shall be approved by the appropriate Regional Secretary or equivalent. In the case of at-large applicants, the IBS Executive Director has approval authority.

The following types of memberships are offered:

Regular Members
Regular members are those individuals who are interested in the scope and purpose of the society. Regular members are entitled to vote, hold elective office, serve on committees, receive all publications in electronic format, access the Members Only section of the website and reduced registration fees at the International Biometric Conference (IBC). Dues: USD $60 or USD $14  (for those in a low or middle income country).

Supporting Members
A Regular member who is a member of a region may elect to become a Supporting member in another region. A Regular member may become a supporting member in as many regions as they wish. A Regular member-at-large may also become a Supporting member in a region of his or her choice.  Supporting members may not vote or hold any office in regions they support. Supporting members pay the international portion of the dues once and pay the additional regional dues to the region only.

Senior Retiree Members
A Senior Retiree member must have been a Regular member for at least 10 years and is no longer gainfully employed prior to transferring to Senior Retiree member status. Senior retiree members enjoy all the rights of regular members.  Dues: USD $30 or USD $7 (for those in a low or middle income country).

Student Members
Full-time students attending accredited undergraduate or graduate schools or universities may become Student members. Student members have all the rights of regular members except they cannot vote, hold office or be appointed to the Representative Council.  Dues: USD $0 (no fee).

Institutional Members
Academic departments in educational institutions, non-profit research institutions or corporations may become Institutional members of the society. Institutional members shall designate one representative as the contact for the institution. The person named as the representative for an institution has electronic access to all IBS publications. The institution’s designee is not eligible to vote or hold elected office. The Institutional member is listed in at least one issue of each volume of one of the official IBS scientific publications. Dues: USD $500. If the institutional member joins through a region, one-half of the dues is rebated to the region.

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